Struggles of Starting a Blog

I know it is my second post and yes I am already complaining but the struggle is real. I am all inspired to write and to create pictures that are good but the obstacles are just way too many. I always wanted to write or do anything visually creative and I wanted to start a blog before it was an ‘it’ thing. I used to work as a professional content writer *did it only almost for a year* but wasn’t really satisfied with it maybe because there were restrictions and set boundaries which are obvious, you cannot write a travelogue or poem or journals for an educational website *yeah, it was an educational website* because it just won’t make sense. So, I left my job as I wanted to continue my studies but between leaving my job and starting my classes I had a two months break. It was fun in the beginning I finally got to relax and catch up on things I liked but it slowly started to become frustrating and I started getting annoyed by everything and everyone. That was the time I thought that why haven’t I started a blog yet I have been wanting to do it for so long now. So, I brainstormed names for the blog and then signed up and then customised my site and it was finally up. I was so happy and then I started writing articles for the blog. Just when I was done with my first article which you probably have read and if not then go, check it out. It finally dawned on me that why I was avoiding starting a blog.

I do not like getting my pictures clicked but I don’t want to use some random images from google, I wanna use my own. It is my blog and I want it to reflect my personality so naturally, I want the subject of the pictures to be me or something I like or feel connected to. So, for the sake of me, I decided to give it a try but then there was another problem.

You need a photographer to click pictures obviously but finding a person with enough time is hard and for me, it was really hard. All my friends were busy with their classes and my family members with their work. So, I waited and waited and finally one of my friends was free enough to do the task for me *shout out to Vatsla who clicked the pictures for my first blog post*. She was ready with the camera and we found the location we wanted and it was time to pose. Just when I was getting in the zone I realised I had another problem.

Without even realising, I caught the attention of people who had nothing to do with me or the thing I was doing. They were just standing there and staring like I wasn’t already awkward enough. They just stood there without blinking but somehow my friend managed to make me comfortable and in no time we were having fun. All the awkwardness was gone, I was not feeling nervous anymore and that’s when I realised that It is worth it.




In the end, I was glad that I did it and when I finally uploaded the post I was relieved and a little bit proud. I could see myself actually happy in those pictures and it was exactly what I wanted because no matter how and what I wrote I was not able to put my feelings completely into the article but the pictures did it for me and I finally understood the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” And I know that things do get a little harder before they get better and now I know that they definitely get better. I hope each and every one of you is having a good time and if you are not don’t worry you are just at that awkward stage right now, scared of the camera but soon without even realising you’ll move on into an amazing time. Oh and check out CollegeDekho the website I used to work for, my articles are still up.
Stay Awesome.

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