Reaping the Whirlwind

It’s like whirlwind.

We, humans, choose to suffer when we know exactly how to end the agony and sail in the sunset for our ‘happily ever after’.
We all are hungry for the drama, no matter how small.
Living in a manner that can be considered crude is our trademark.
I think there is familiarity in the behaviour and a little solidarity in knowing that I am not the only one digging my grave under the sky full of shining stars.

We leave the warm embrace and then question our sanity, our certainty.

We can’t make the other person hollow and not expect them to buzz.
And surprisingly we are all buzzing. We are all victims.
Who is the criminal?
Or are we just the classic example of ‘self-destruction’.

O mankind, where are you headed? Are you lost?


Maybe we are just reaping the whirlwind.

Author: Mortal In White

Hey, I'm Nidhi. Welcome to my blog.

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