Deadly Retribution

Death, is a weird topic to discuss, to look to, to believe in.

My sister does not like to talk about death at all, while I have no problem accepting that maybe today is my last day.
A lot of people are like either me or her but there’s also a category in between, I like to call them hypocrites.

They are the people who go to temples or any praying place claiming that they want peace but they will not even think twice before hurting someone to get ahead in the line of ‘prasad.’ And to get that absolution.

Life, funnily enough, is just a distraction from Death. We are dying. And it makes me wonder that are we in acceptance with our mortality- maybe. We all know that we are dying but do we ever accept it completely- possibly.
But doesn’t this one fact makes everything worthless
like that job, this dress, that human. But it does not stop us from doing things, any kind of things.
We all find ways to benefit ourselves and disregard the idea that it might hinder others.
There will be retribution, there always is, are we ready for it?

Author: Mortal In White

Hey, I'm Nidhi. Welcome to my blog.

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