Miserable in Egypt

Did you ever wonder about the mythical world of ‘The Mummy’?

Did you ever wonder to take up Librarian as a career because of ‘The Mummy’?

Did you ever wonder If you could be the one saving the world from ‘The Mummy’?

Chances are that you definitely did and my dear, fellow human being, I am with you on that train along with thousands of other people. Some are running after that train.
One of the things on my bucket list was to ‘Visit the Pyramids’ with a doodle of them on the front page. You see, I am dedicated to this list.
So, I found a volunteer project that could benefit me and give me a wonderful opportunity to go to Egypt. My friend and I hopped on the plane and landed at the magical hour of 2 am. And it all went downhill from there.

The accommodation was shit, the work was uninteresting and Egypt- not really what ‘The Mummy’ painted.

But it gave me an opportunity to meet countless nationalities, eat food I have never heard about and make friends for life. I will never forget the vacation cum internship that gave me a chance to understand a culture completely different from mine and let me actually live close to the ‘everyday’ life in Egypt.
It gave me a chance to fall in love with language and diversity all over again. It gave me a chance to learn the things about myself that I never knew existed. It gave me a chance to get lost and not worry about finding my way back.

And I did go to the pyramids which I am definitely pretty smug about. I remember saying to myself, ‘I’m miserable, but I am glad I’m miserable in Egypt’.

Author: Mortal In White

Hey, I'm Nidhi. Welcome to my blog.

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