Wished upon a Star

I wished upon a star.

I wished for the mundane.
I wished for the extraordinary.                                                     

I wished to be so many things.

I wished to be simple.
I wished to be complex.
I wished to embrace the contrast.

I wished to be a museum.
I wished to be a temple.
I wished to be sacred with all the mortal elements.

I wished to conquer the world.
I wished to live with happiness in abundance.

I wished to be so many things.
So, so, so many things.

But above all, I wished to be a human with all the humanity.

Author: Mortal In White

Hey, I'm Nidhi. Welcome to my blog.

One thought on “Wished upon a Star”

  1. humanity is mith and we humans are the one who wants it…
    we haven’t seen a dog wishing for it but they treat us better without it…
    we wants to be human and when the time comes we just forgot about it…
    we r sinners and that’s what we choose to be…
    we apologize for the sins but while apologizing for it we still knows that we don’t deserve it…


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