Perplexing Love

I have always wondered what love is.

Is it something magnificent like fireworks.
Or something enthralling like double rainbows.

You see, I have never been in love.
I have loved people.
I have loved things.
I have loved ideas.
But I have never been in love.

I know it is not an earth-shattering revelation but sometimes I feel there is a glitch in my theory because I like to believe in the skipping of a heartbeat kind of love, butterflies in the stomach kind of love, hair raising at the nape of the neck kind of love, fulfilment kind of love.

But, maybe, maybe you don’t feel a burning sensation when that person touches you, maybe you don’t feel your stomach in a knot, maybe you don’t hold your breath when that person is around, maybe it’s as subtle as falling asleep.
As subtle and common as sunrises and sunsets.

And that is a problem. Because sunsets and sunrises are something 47 per cent of the population does not even experience in their lifetime and it is phenomenal.

I don’t want to be amongst that 47 per cent.

Author: Mortal In White

Hey, I'm Nidhi. Welcome to my blog.

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