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Nothing Wrong

There is nothing wrong. He is healthy. He is fine. He is doing what he loves, he is where he wished he could be one day. But that simpering feeling is there. The feeling that churns your stomach. The feeling … Continue Reading Nothing Wrong

One of those Days

Sitting in his room, typing away at his laptop, he feels nothing. The face does not have any expression. The heart does not have any expression. It’s one of those days, days where you feel nothing. He’s wondering if it … Continue Reading One of those Days

Perplexing Love

I have always wondered what love is. Is it something magnificent like fireworks. Or something enthralling like double rainbows. You see, I have never been in love. I have loved people. I have loved things. I have loved ideas. But I … Continue Reading Perplexing Love

Worn Out Clarity

I sometimes get these visions of brilliant clarity. They mostly result in me changing everything possible in my life. The need or maybe greed for ‘the understanding’ has seeped to the core. I am hungry to know, to understand this … Continue Reading Worn Out Clarity

Write to Exist

Writing makes me calm and gives me anxiety at the same time like my blood is pumping so fast that my veins cannot bear it, but it is the very thing that makes my body and soul feel alive. It’s the … Continue Reading Write to Exist

Wondering Away​

Wonder, I think might be my favourite word. It is simple, yet holds endless possibilities. It’s like a cliffhanger, of life. I think I spend most of my waking hours wondering. It works as nectar, and my buzzing just goes … Continue Reading Wondering Away​

The Blame Game

The feeling of HUMAN SPECIES being a parasite is getting stronger every day. We all want progress, development but paying tenfold the price for it, seems like a vapid idea. We all have a business person in us, but, it is … Continue Reading The Blame Game